There are restaurants you go to so you can taste and learn new things, restaurants you go to expecting to be taken on a journey, and those you go to so you can feel like a child again. Then there are those restaurants you visit to feel good, leaving behind any serious thoughts or any expectations for the bizarre, driven by the sole desire to pass a few pleasant hours. La Posta in La Spezia is a proud bastion of the latter, and is quite successful at making you feel welcome with an exceptional warmth and grace: not an easy task in Liguria, a tricky area for restaurants.
The locale's flavour is somewhere between history and intrigue, as where the elegant Italian furniture and other furnishings end (devoid of unnecessary regionalisms), the rich collection of artwork put together by the owner Claudio Mazzoni begins: is a gentleman from past times who knows how to be hospitable without going overboard. In the kitchen, his wife Alessandra is in turn devoted to the well-being that can be found in simplicity.
Beyond its raw shellfish and rockfish dish with few equals, the rest of the menu "speaks" for itself: from appetising first courses such as handmade white-spelt bow-tie pasta with red mullet fillets, artichokes and fresh ginger or the crunchy lasagna with Mantua pumpkin, goat cheese and red Tropea onions, up to homely, well-made main courses such as fregola (Sardinian couscous like pasta) and clam stew with hearty chunks of roasted monkfish. You'll also find baked bream or sea bass, a light but abundant plate of mixed fried seafood and dishes with mere suggestions of complex nuances, such as the turbot fillet with buttered potatoes, rapini, an absinthe-celeriac puree and wild salmon caviar. In addition to entrusting your choice of wines to Claudio, you should also ask him to suggest cured meats to try (the Brozzi culatello is a must for anyone who's never tried it) as well as white truffles. An array of homemade desserts with an added spark of panache complete the meal, all starting at 50 and up, depending on your hunger and what you'd like to try.


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"I recommend a new place in La Spezia: La Posta restaurant. The chef is quite professional, and knows how to convey the quality of his cooking right at the start; instead of serving the usual "santini", he proposed a red rooster marinated with black cherries and his mousse. Among the pasta dishes were prawn cappelleti with a licorice bisque, potato tortelli with black cod and olive sauce, raw rose shrimp from the Gulf of Tigullio, carp and sea bream with radish sprouts. Good range of cheeses and excellent wine list."


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"If the habit makes the monk...the man makes the restaurant. This is the case of Claudio Mazzoni, polite when welcoming guests, professional when presenting the menu, an expert when choosing seafood. The restaurant reflects the owner's personality: well-kept, with valuable paintings on the walls, pleasant. The seafood cuisine is light and, in some dishes, rich in unusual flavours such as "false" shrimp and lime cappelletti with a licorice bisque (or with fresh salted anchovies and turnip greens for those who dislike new things) or potato ravioli with black cod and wild asparagus. You can start with fresh squid baked with zabaglione and continue, in the more traditional way, with fried fish or raw rose shrimp from the Gulf of Tigullio and sea bream carpaccio. Excellent wine list, also with variations of natural wines. "


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"Simple elegance and artwork create the ideal environment for enjoying meat and seafood dishes, with much attention paid to fresh ingredients' quality: the owner's true passion along with, when in season, the famous white truffles! Excellent location."


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"Claudio Mazzoni is a true, classic gourmet: his restaurants have always been characterized by the presence of refined, excellent and seasonal fresh ingredients. Great cured meats, the best mushrooms and truffles (which he completely loves) and of course, being in La Spezia, seafood. La Posta, Claudio and his wife Alessandra's (in the kitchen) last "creation", located in the city centre since 2008, is particularly distinguished for its very fresh seafood, which is the protagonist of a cuisine based on the simplicity and linearity of its creation, the minimally invasive cooking methods and crudités.

The chef doesn't love taste distortions, and works in a solid and tested paradigm in both summer and winter, a period when the seafood is joined by many meat dishes, and the inevitable white truffles embellishing dishes. If you love delicacies such as Monterosso anchovies, raw shellfish, prosciutto and culatello, you will be happy here because these "classics" are almost always present.

The homemade pasta deserves mentioning, for example Cannoli with red mullet and wild fennel, Spaghetti with mantis shrimp and, in winter, the Potato ravioli and cinta guanciale. Classics also abound among the main courses: you might find king sea bream or local lobsters, decide on mixed fried fish or opt for the pigeon, loins or filet mignon. A wide selection of desserts and wines are the result of thirty years of Claudio's passion."


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"Claudio Mazzoni is the soul of the restaurant, and he deserves all the credit for restoring the restaurant to its former splendour and making it one of the most popular destinations in this capital town. Without Alessandra's talent in the kitchen, his task would have been amittedly much more difficult. The cook's hand moves lightly in enhancing fresh fish and quality ingredients, through respectful and essential cooking methods supported with a bit of creativity. Just to explain what we mean, we'll tell you about our recent tastings, starting with prawns and roasted squid with a timbale of quinoa and bulgur with drops of mango curry sauce, an appetiser that wowed us. The "vaporata" scampi are a triumph of the sea. Then the suave potato ravioli stuffed with salted anchovies and burrata cheese with fresh anchovies, cherry tomatoes and broccoli, but, above all, squid ink cappellacci with sea bass, scallops and mullet bottarga, truly superlatives. Fragrant and tasty fried fish with fresh raw vegetables and dipping sauce, the impeccable firing of the guinea fowl breast with pippin apples. The finale lived up to the rest of the meal with a small cassata with crunchy fruits and strawberry sauce. Interesting and well-stocked wine list, of international scope. The restaurant, in a former post office, is furnished with tasteful elegance and decorated with contemporary works of art for which the owner is a passionate connoisseur. The service accompanying the meal is professional and discrete. Bonus for the outdoor area."


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The warmth of this restaurant comes from its charming furniture, beautiful paintings and especially the owner's welcome, far from intrusive - the result of passion and experience. The kitchen uses only the catch of the Ligurian Sea in its elegant dishes and precise cooking methods, but also offers some unique meat products that are the result of judicious choice: Zibello culatello, bagoss and 36 month aged Parmesan cheeses, and "important" dishes such as baked pigeon. The Ligurian "ciupin" (fish soup) with squid, clams and monkfish is elegant in its tasty simplicity, and don't miss the spaghetti with mantis shrimp and tomato confit. The fried fish, crispy and light, is served with a tasteful presentation and abundant quantity. At the end of your meal, try the "variazione di dolci", a collection of tempting goodies. Good choice of wines, friendly service."


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"Claudio Mazzoni is the dynamic owner of this pleasant restaurant, tastefully furnished and decorated with contemporary artwork. The kitchen offers dishes that satisfy the palate, creative and appreciated for their balance of flavours."

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"A meal at the La Posta restaurant is worth the trip to La Spezia. In this city, too little mentioned in the chronicles of Cultural Tourism, (the one with a capital C) - but which deserves ample space if only for the charm of its gulf, celebrated by famous artists and poets, so much as to coin its definition as the "Gulf of poets" - the La Posta restaurant in via Giovanni Minzoni, La Spezia, parallel to Viale Italia in the historic centre just behind the post office, presents itself as a restaurant of all-around cultural pleasure. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you feel at ease: thirty comfortable and welcoming chairs, tasteful furnishings looked after in the smallest of details, with art "brushed" along all the walls, especially by painter-sculptor Giuliano Tomaino (local gourmet), but also by Sandro Chia, Fabrizio Isola and other important artists, which wrap you in a special atmosphere. Everything at La Posta makes you feel happy and reassured, starting with the warm welcome owner Claudio Mazzoni has built his own "brand" on: he immediately conveys the idea that enthusiasm and warmth boil over here, just like the pots on the stove. Claudio Mazzoni is a man of gentle manners, gourmet pioneer with many years experience in restaurant management, and a lover of art, antiques and all that is beautiful and good. His choices are always inspired by the strength of his own tastes, intuition and feelings. The same emotions and feelings he shares with his wife Alessandra, committed by his side in the kitchen for twenty years, as well as the young chef Eros Armanetti, two years in the making, who has grown professionally in starred kitchens in Italy and France. La Posta, it was said, transmits to its guests a sense of universal and eternal culture. Which is also a vital need of the human race. The La Posta restaurant is a real, personal place with class and style, where everything goes beyond ephemeral fashions. With Mediterranean cuisine that targets the heart and changes with the market and the most humoral immediacy, hostage to what the fishermen provide him daily. They aim to hark back to the original concept of intuition as "the science of sensitivity." Intuition as an expression, form and synthesis, feeling and naturalness, "Here we understand food as a moment for culture and pleasure. For this purpose, first of all, we have created this environment, without sacrificing fresh ingredients' quality. Our menu changes according to the catch of the day and the first produce of the season" - says Claudio Mazzoni with justified pride. Here, where the concept of culture is strengthened and bound to the soul, to its splendour - expressed and communicated in accordance with rules that vary depending on the day, the cooked products' origins and the characters of the men who produce and provide them - the elements that give form and life to the dishes - just melt in an exemplary manner and enhance each one's origin. It is fresh and elegant cuisine, a home of artists and artisans who offer potato-stuffed red mullet with prescinseua aromas (a Ligurian cheese), an invigorating cure-all for the palate, the steamed scampi and prawns with pink grapefruit and basil water ice that debate each other about who is more natural, squid ink tortellini with scallops and mullet bottarga that demonstrate the territory's ancestral call. The wine cellar is equally inspired, with important selections of domestic and foreign wines."


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From an article by Chiara Maci: Liguria, La Spezia, La Posta. A restaurant that has the warmth of a family, the style of an art gallery and the flavours of a region, capable of synthesizing land and sea.

#divineanchovies: Sea bream, sea bass, turbot but also anchovies, served with butter on a soft cracker

#liguriathereandbackagain: La Posta is a family restaurant you're not expecting and you absolutely want to visit again

#contemporaneously: An elegant restaurant, where the environment is enhanced by modern artwork

#fromlaspeziawithlove: Forget the menu and ask for the catch of the day. You won't regret it #claudiocatchesscampi

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